Our Story

Finding the perfect leather handbag is a struggle most women face, finding the perfect leather everything is every human’s struggle, let alone finding something that is pro-environment. Enter Wadi D, whose mission is to make buying leather goods accessible, environmentally friendly, luxurious yet affordable and best of all creative.

Hesa is a working woman with an exquisite taste in handbags, she loves her leather goods and loves something with a kick, however, she soon realized that there were two major issues in the handbags market. First of all, the handbags weren’t very user friendly and second, she didn’t agree with how the industry was treating the environment.

After many sleepless nights and a lot of research, Hesa partnered up with her sister Amna to create the first Emirati vegan leather, eco-friendly, affordable luxury leather goods brand that is not only designed by them but also manufactured locally.

Wadi D, is named after Wadi Dahel, which was named after their tribe AlDahel Al Mheiri. Honoring her family’s memory, saving the environment, changing industry and consumer values while being fashionable is exactly what these two ladies are set to do with this brand.